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Okay, so Ray J is getting very disrespectful and has been making some disturbing comments about the time he spent with the late, great Whitney Houston.

He is like an annoying bug that won’t shut up and go away.

Ray J speaks about being unhappy and having the chance to clean Whitney Houston from drugs but refusing to.

Ray J also brags about playing with Whitney Houston’s head to get further in his career.

If this is him, it completely goes against everything he has said in the past.

Ray J says he would tell them that he could be with whoever he wanted, and it was nothing they could do about it.

It could not be determined from toxicology tests whether the morphine resulted from heroin use.

The other question which arises is manner of death.

The pneumonia and encephalopathy are more immediate causes which resulted from the immersion and drug intoxication.

The autopsy alone could not reveal the underlying cause of death because of the long interval between Ms.


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