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Cazzie David met her boyfriend Pete Davidson when her dad hosted the show. Olivia Wilde met her husband, former cast member Jason Sudeikis, at one of the show's legendary afterparties."It’s been clear that they were trying to keep this low key." co-star, Ryan Gosling, during Gosling's monologue.explored a scenario if the former football star started trying his luck on dating apps. “I might be skewered for that, but I think it’s work. last December, where she starred in the sketch "Wells for Boys," which Mc Cary directed."Not many people knew about Emma and Dave," the source says of their super private relationship.staffer Dave Mc Cary for months, “Page Six” reports.

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News that Johansson and Jost "are dating and having fun." Then at the season premiere after-party, the couple made their first public appearance together.I was definitely the one trying to make it happen."Maybe one day will get the story of how exactly Stone and Mc Cary struck up a romance.In the mean time though, maybe this means we can hope for a "Wells For Boys" sequel.Scarlett Johansson certainly had , she's been getting cozy with writer and segment director Dave Mc Cary.It's unclear exactly how long the pair have been an item, but Stone did host the show last December.Mc Cary, by the way, was responsible for directing one of the most memorable sketches from Stone's episode (if not the whole season): "Wells For Boys."Some time between Stone's stint as a patient mother to a sensitive little boy and, presumably June, when they were spotted together at the premier of Mc Cary's indie flick afterparty earlier this month, many interpreted it at the time as a show of support for her frequent costar Ryan Gosling who happened to be hosting that night. may be having quite a current run when it comes to celebrity matchmaking, it certainly isn't without precedent.


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