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It’s not the contact, it’s what he does with it and what happens afterwards that counts.I suspect if you’re a Baggage Reclaim reader, it didn’t work out too well…Men that want you don’t tell you that they don’t want you!And a man does not have to say ‘I DON’T WANT YOU’ to say ‘I DON’T WANT YOU!It depends on the circumstances but it may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, it may not even be this year, or even until twenty years time, but if he is of the Mr Unavailable and assclown variety and hasn’t seen the error of his ways, his overblown ego, total disconnect, and selfish, using ways, means that he will probably at some point make contact with you. You are in the driving seat of this way more than you realise: If you had the brass balls to see him for what he is and tell him to get the hell out of your life, he is likely to resist or be hesitant about trying to make a comeback.If he does try, it’s probably for an ego stroke or a shag, or to put himself back in the driving seat…and then disappear.The dick knows not why it wants it, just that it wants to get laid in some familiar territory…and then hotfoot it back out of your life the moment that they think you want, need, or expect something from them!

If you give any hint whatsoever that you are still interested in him and for many of you, that will come down to giving him the time of day, when he needs something and you seem like an easy candidate, he will get in touch with you. If they’ve moved on, you’re the least of their concerns right now. Men that don’t want to let you go but also don’t want to give you what you want, are flip-flappers.

If you’re sort of hanging on the fringes, sending smoke signals that you’re ‘there’, he will make contact as and when he needs you.

If you tell him you don’t give a sh*t about him, if he’s from the egotistical stable, he’s likely to want to prove you wrong.

If you fall into the trap of actually believing that his actions mean way more than they actually do, you’re so excited about the act of him getting in touch and back into betting on potential mode, that you fail to see the joker and his actions for what they are.

But let’s answer the big question – but will he try to get in contact with you?


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