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Forte visited the pool earlier in the week to get some reading assignments done, he was made well aware that the pool and hot tub were not just “Clothing Optional” as the posted sign said, but the expectation of the residents was that it was clearly “nude required”. It’s one of those things that you don’t know unless someone tells you. They were all his former students, having just graduated like Cary.“Oh my God, Mr. Everyone else was naked and also frolicking in the pool. Forte turned several shades of red, and Julie just smiled and gazed into his eyes, still holding his hand. Just maybe, Jonathan.”The guys had clean cocks and asses, but shaving cream smeared on their bodies. All seven nude bodies crammed into the shower and managed to share the four shower heads. Everyone was smiling and laughing and even Jonathan surprised himself and found it enjoyable. Forte had never touched and massaged so many pussies and tits within a forty-five minute period. Forte took the full length of his six and a half inch penis into his mouth and starting bobbing his head vigorously.

As he read his assignments in his running shorts on Wednesday, Kelly and Brian, two other housemates came down to use the pool and get some reading done as well. The girls decided that it would be fun to get up on Mr. Finally she released and pulled back, her hand just grazing his swollen penis. The students and teacher spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the pool with everyone getting their fair share of grabbing Mr. Cary was a good sport and happily shared him with her friends. The girls all finished up and hurried out, having to spend time on their hair. Forte and Jonathan were the last ones in the shower. Forte pushed Jonathan against the wall, dropped to his knees, and started licking the sides of Jonathan’s penis. Forte took Jonathan’s testicles in his fingers and gently massaged them. Jonathan’s head flew back as his cock thrust forward. Jonathan shot streams and streams of cum into his favorite teacher’s mouth. Forte stood up, licking his lips and swallowing the last drops of Jonathan’s cum.

Forte stripped naked and read.* * * * * * * *Saturday finally rolled around and Mr. He turned over, spreading his legs wide open and holding his arm over his eyes to block the sun.“We have visitors! Once his eyes adjusted to the light he could see Ashley, Melody, Samantha, and Jonathan all standing over him. “Cary said that she had a big surprise waiting for us, but I never imagined…”“That it would be Mr. She should be here any minute.”Jonathan’s cock relaxed just enough to get naked and into the pool. Everyone touched each other in all the right places.

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As he threw the ball back to the girls, Samantha and her sister Julie came around the side yard. Cary poured warm water over his pubic hair as each one ran their hands through it. Forte’s penis and started stroking him, but as much as he stroked, it just wouldn’t get hard. Knowing her work was done, she released his enormous cock and announced, “That is what you call a blow job, right Mr. He looked like he was twelve years old, except for his seven inch hard cock. They proceeded to shave his ass completely clean of that blond fuzz, and each one got to carefully examine his asshole.

Few students ever knew their teacher like these students did.


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