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Last in simplicity - the most complex and expensive - is satellite Internet.While available anywhere it is going to cost the most and be the hardest to keep running effectively. Satellite is no longer widely used by most RVers, since the cellular system now accommodates "most" peoples needs. But way out in the mountains you are not likely to get a signal. I highly recommend it - it covers all of the options available, in an entertaining and highly understandable fashion.There are three common ways to get Internet when away from phone lines (physical lines that support DSL, or cable lines).1) a cellular data connection - either via a smartphone, or via a cellular modem.They also had their own AT&T plan, which they gave up.They found that for their use Verizon gives them better coverage than AT&T in the places they travelled. In places where ATT has a strong network they may be a good choice.

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One phone on the ATT network, and one phone on the Verizon network.The principles cover both voice communications and data communications.The problems are the same: It may sound simplistic, but solving these issues is really what the myriad of available products do.A little farther out of developed areas cellular data will still work.And for access anywhere you can see the southern sky, satellite Internet is available.The sections I provide below are best read with an understanding of the basics of communication, which this book provides better than any other source I know of.


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