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*- March 8 1960: Birmingham (Ala.) News -- Four masked white youths hung a Negro man from a tree by his heels in Houston, Texas, and carved two series of "KKK"s into his chest and stomach after beating him with chains, allegedly in reprisal for recent sit-in demonstrations by Negro students at Texas Southern University.Ironically, eighteen years later in (1978): In the early morning hours of April 12, 1978, cousins John Arnold (1st photo) and John Plath (2nd photo), in their early twenties, along with their respective eleven-year-old and seventeen-year-old girlfriends, Carol Ullman and Cindy Sheets, borrowed a friend's car and went looking for wild mushrooms in Beaufort County.Some of Bryant's hair was found in Graves' shoes and socks. Source: Jet Magazine "HORRIFIC & GRUESOME MURDER-3 BLACK FEMALES KIDNAPPED AT THE SAME TIME" When police arrested Kermit Smith, a 23-year-old white man charged with the murder of a Black North Carolina cheerleader, "His hands were so bloody, he looked like he'd been killing hogs," Halifax County Sheriff W. Whelette Collins, 15, (3rd photo), Marie Woods, 19, (first photo) and Dawn Killen, 19, (center) were about to leave campus in Collins' car when Smith drew a gun and forced Killen and Woods into the trunk, while he forced Collins to ride inside with him, police reported.Former Sergeant 1st Class Ervin Graves was convicted by a military jury of killing 2nd Lieutenant Lisa Bryant with 4 blasts from his .357-caliber Magnum. Smith parked the car and forced Collins into the woods.

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She apparently broke free and reached the corridor."I don't know who he is," says Koster's stepfather, Larry Ross of Medford. Graves faces a minimum sentence of life in prison for felony murder, and maximum sentences of 20 years each for attempted rape and assault while attempting to commit rape. Crossing a Social Line There, prosecutors assert, Sergeant Graves approached Lieutenant Bryant, perhaps to ask her to dance -- the kind of social encounter between an officer and enlisted person, or non-com, that has traditionally been almost unheard of."No one in the family, nor her friends, know who he is. Graves, who pleaded not guilty and didn't testify during the three days of evidence presentation, showed no emotion when the verdict was announced. Bryant, an honors graduate of Princeton University and the daughter of a Lt. She asked him to leave her alone and headed for nearby Hardy Hall, where she and Sergeant Graves lived a few doors apart.It's like he dropped out of the sky to kill my daughter. Colonel, had been at the base for only a month when she was killed about 3 a.m. She was a newly commissioned second lieutenant, paying back an ROTC scholarship. She then called her boyfriend in California, using a public telephone in the second-floor corridor rather than the private phone in her room to avoid disturbing her roommate.Early in the morning of July 10, Lieutenant Bryant and another female soldier went to the Stilwell Lounge, a bar in the basement of Moon Hall, one of the two nondescript dormitories in which the traditionally very separate world of officers and enlisted personnel merged temporarily for participants in the six-week summer R. Her boyfriend later recalled that the phone went dead in mid-sentence.The following March 7, Luis Ortiz was stabbed 38 times and likewise mutilated.


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