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It was better than last week's horrible poker game, but it still wasn't great (though it was definitely shorter than Ted's eight-year ramble).This week, Richard Gilmore himself guest-starred as their mean minister who only agreed to marry them after the couple shared their cute story about how they met. They stole their first meeting from Lily and Marshall because asking Robin in a bar if she's ever met Ted was not sufficient for the minister, whose church was apparently the cutest thing in the world.

Meanwhile, while Ted was off in his own storyline, Robin and Barney were in a moderately better storyline about their own meet cute.

Best I can tell, the same is true for “Sarah.” So here’s my question for you guys: how the hell do you do it?!

I’m not asking for step-by-step instructions for seducing a lady (I’ve got a pretty good idea what I’m doing, thanks! Okay, fine: Take plenty of lotion along on your all-girl picnic, hand-warmers (essential), an open mind, a squeaky-clean body (without a ton of perfume, thanks), a list of questions, lots of time, some candles, and a sense of humor.

As a pretty girl, I’ve never had to make the first move before.

The man has always taken the lead (at least in the beginning of a relationship).


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