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Starting April 14, 2003, HIPAA requires us to provide you with the Notice of our legal duties and the privacy practices we are required to follow when you first come into our office for health-care services.If you have any questions about this Notice, please ask to speak to our HIPAA Privacy Officer.A total prevention program includes regular visits to the dentist, the use of fluoride, daily brushing and flossing, and limiting the number of times sugar-rich foods are eaten.If these measures are followed and sealants are used on the child's teeth, the risk of decay can be reduced or may even be eliminated!ITE streamlines current processes and systems, allowing for greater functionality, and enhancing customer service.

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If we do so, that provider will follow the policies and procedures set forth in this Notice or those established for his or her practice, so long as they substantially conform to those for our practice.HIPAA is a Federal Law that gives you significant new rights to understand and control how your health information is used.Federal HIPAA Omnibus Rule and state law provide penalties for covered entities, business associates, and their subcontractors and records owners, respectively that misuse or improperly disclose PHI.We have negotiated over half-Billion dollars in telecom, mobile, and IT contracts, saving our client's hundreds of millions of dollars.Our proven cost savings expertise will directly cut waste from your IT budget, while providing visibility into telecommunications strategies, policies, and vendor services.Since, the covering is only over the biting surface of the tooth, areas on the side and between teeth cannot be coated with the sealant.


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