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Cluster 1 (Ensure Healthy Development, Close the Health Gap, Stop Family Violence, Advance Long and Productive Lives) addresses fundamental issues in community population health management.Cluster 2 (Eradicate Social Isolation, End Homelessness, Create Social Responses to a Changing Environment, and Harness Technology for Social Good) seeks to improve community population wellbeing management.Then, at the Solutions Summit on December 10, they brought together more than 700 people, (including Mayor Catherine Pugh) and many newly elected city council members, to discuss and vote on a community-driven 16-point action plan for the city’s new leaders.

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We as Social Workers bear witness to a vision of humanity that is all at once unique and psychologically isolating.

Social work needs to define a clear vision going forward; it needs to define career trajectories for young social workers in marketable projects; and it needs to engage in societal tasks that contribute to better health, wellbeing, and equity. As Social Workers, we carry many individuals and families through the traumas of life.

It is through this provision of care and support that we simultaneously collect the stories of countless people.

This presentation will provide an up-to-date overview of these potential changes and constants.

Most of the potential changes we are likely to confront address how we insure and fund healthcare, including behavioral health. Most of the likely constants address how care actually is delivered. Many social workers are horrified by the prospects of a Trump presidency because he has embraced the alt-right, and has made disparaging remarks about people of color, the disabled, the LBGT community, the media, and most recently he attacked the character and veracity of civil rights icon Congressman John Lewis.


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