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In such cases, the marriage ceremony fee may be reduced to the fee applicable to marriages conducted within the Registry General.

American, British, Canadian and other consular officers cannot perform marriages individually or at their consulates.In both cases they must be from the relevant office of a particular state, province or county and country that issued the divorce or death certificate.Appropriate checks are made from Bermuda with federal and state or provincial authorities in the USA and elsewhere to determine if proposed marriages are bigamous and/or are being undertaken out of the USA, etc.The fee is in addition to the fee which is required to be submitted with the Notice of Intended Marriage Application form.The onus is on the parties to be wed to obtain written permission from the owner or occupier of the venue (eg Wedco or Ministry of Public Works) and notify the Registrar accordingly of the date.The license to marry may be issued on or after the 15th day provided no formal objection has been raised to the intended marriage.


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