Francia raisa and shane sparks dating

Fans have already written her well wishes and stated how thankful they are for her sacrifice. I'm so grateful that I've come to a place in my life where my birthday doesn't revolve around gifts.I have everything I need this birthday and so now the best gift I can get is a gift I can give.She then talked exclusively to Vivo Por Ti Vo about the disquieting romance rumors linking her to 90210 star Matt Lanter, her recent Hollywood breakup, and why she disagrees with people who say she looks like Kim Kardashian.Read on to get the inside scoop you wont find anyplace else! How do you think it will measure up to Secret Life’s very successful first season?So far she hasn’t as much, because her and Ricky are still going back and forth with each other.

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She also dished other Secret Life season 2 spoilers.I hear a major character is going to die in season 2. She can’t really help but dislike Amy because she doesn’t know what’s going on. We just got really close when we were filming in Montreal. One of my favorite shows is Desperate Housewives, and I still haven’t seen the season finale! I am so happy I’m on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and I am very fortunate, but ever since I got into TV, I’ve been like, 'I have to do something with Eva Longoria on Desperate Housewives,' and when this role came up, I was so mad! All I saw her do was wave “hello.” Aside from the Matt Lanter rumor, you’ve also been linked to choreographer Shane Sparks. I’m a big fan of yours, so please tell me Adrian is not going to die! It’s very realistic, because think about it, Adrian just split up her dad and his wife because she wanted her parents back together, so whose to say that Ricky and Amy’s baby, when he’s old enough to understand, isn’t going to do the same. We still keep in touch, and we’re really good friends! Have you been watching 90210 now that Matt’s one of the show’s stars? It’s interesting that you’re a fan of DH, because I actually think you would’ve been a great choice to play Gaby’s (Eva Longoria Parker's) sexy and funny niece (a role that went to Brazilian actress Maiara Walsh). @uheroes is an incredible anti-human trafficking organization that I've been working with for many years. They rescue children from sex slavery and this year I want to give the gift of freedom and redemption to 5 more girls. There are 27 million people trapped in slavery all over the world, and if you donate or more you will get this cool shirt that I helped design as a free gift to you. He’s going to be like “Daddy, why aren’t you with mommy? In TV chat rooms and all over the web, rumors are flying that you are dating 90210 star, Matt Lanter. I tell him that I have (laughs), but I’ve really only seen one or two episodes!


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