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Yet, one of the cruelest abuses came at the hand of his own mother.All of Season 1 felt like Fiona, Lip, and Ian trying to keep their heads above water with their younger, more innocent siblings watching as helplessly as their drunken, deadbeat dad.At first, Monica is always smiles and lollipops for the kids she abandoned even more thoroughly than Frank, who at least wanders past the old homestead for drug money every couple of weeks.

Well, after two hours with Hurricane Monica, every viewer knew that it’d have been better if she had never returned.In a show like , ruining family gatherings is par for the course, not unlike death and taxes (as if the Gallaghers pay taxes! Yet, it took a special kind of narcissism during the finale of the second season when Monica decided that it was the perfect time to put the spotlight on her when everyone else is having a fine old feast!Fiona and S-immy were back together for their last feel-good episode, Frank was actually behaving himself for the most part, and Carl killed a bald eagle! Yet, during the midst of the celebration where everything is going too normal, Hurricane Monica lives up to her moniker again when she goes into the kitchen to carve her own flesh for a change of poultry.In truth though, it wasn’t entirely Frank’s fault that Liam became leverage for his gambling debt after he challenged (with more than a hint of racism) a fellow Alibi bar patron that he couldn’t stay conscious through two taser blasts (spoiler alert: he did).Rather, Frank took Liam without permission from his more responsible kids as a panhandling prop to gather the ,000 due.For this family that means realizing that: a) Frank is useless piece of shit.


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