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will take reciprocal measures in order to safeguard the rights of its citizens until the time of the removal of the insulting restrictions of the government of the United States against Iranian nationals." Iran's foreign ministry said in a statement Saturday.

The International Rescue Committee, a humanitarian aid and refugee assistance group, called Trump's decision to suspend refugee admissions "harmful and hasty" and noted that the US refugee program "makes it harder to get to the United States as a refugee than any other route." Refugees must undergo an extensive vetting process -- it typically takes more than two years to be admitted to the United States as a refugee."In truth, refugees are fleeing terror -- they are not terrorists," David Miliband, the group's president and chief executive, said in a statement.

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Judge Ann Donnelly, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, wrote in her decision that government could not remove "individuals with refugee applications approved by US Citizenship and Immigration Services as part of the US Refugee Admissions Program, holders of valid immigrant and non-immigrant visas, and other individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen legally authorized to enter the United States."The executive order was quickly decried as a "Muslim ban" by Democrats, human rights organizations and advocacy groups, who slammed Trump for instituting a policy they say cuts against US values and America's image around the world as a sanctuary for those fleeing oppression.

Trump's actions on Friday, though, were consistent with his pledge during the campaign to stop immigration from many Muslim-majority countries, particularly those he loosely defined as historically prone to terrorism. Kennedy International Airport, where passengers can often spot the Statue of Liberty on their descent into New York, a dozen travelers who fit the ban's criteria were detained and prevented from exiting the airport.


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