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Choose a lens shape with a lens width similar to what you currently wear and not just by the shape of the lens.

At age three or four, children are experimenting with the world in order to see how their words and actions affect other people and things.

Talk it through The first thing to do is to assess the situation.

Find out what's been said and how it's made your child feel, and offer comfort and reassurance.

If the teasing is happening at nursery, talk to a member of staff about it.

Teach assertiveness Your preschooler can't control what other children say, but she can choose how she reacts to it.

Let her know that it's OK to stand up for herself in a calm and controlled way.

Preschoolers are also beginning to get the idea of belonging to a social group.

As they get to grips with the rules of mixing with others, they may use unkind words to let other children know where they stand.


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