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I might be in a place in my life where I feel like polishing edges and attempt to reach perfection that way.It has been harder than expected but I am learning a lot in the process and thankful for even having gotten the opportunity.I am really looking forward to starting my education again and know it will have a very positive effect on my future work.Anna Reinholt Jewelry will also be more structured in the future.The fact that my jewelry is abstract also makes them timeless and there is no scope for who can wear them.I see so many different types of people buying my jewelry and so many ways to wear them which contributes to making my universe real. They are unpolished and all different in spite of originating from the same motif.Furthermore I am crazy about my crooked eyes, which supplements the handmade expression.My jewelry also symbolizes my life and my state of mind.

I use melting techniques a lot and my was gun which both give my jewelry an edge through their unpolished finish.I started seeing an increased demand for my pieces and then I had no more doubts – I had to create my own brand.I needed a place where I could really express my personal creativity and I was allowed to through Anna Reinholdt Jewerly. I can spend hours online admiring the evolving fashion trends through the years.I will start at Københavns Tekniske Skole in August where I will study to be a Metal Smith for 6 months.The I will continue with the Precious Smith education.They are not targeting a specific segment, but for those who find jewelry beautiful and interesting.


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